Folk Art In Sri Lanka

Art interpretation is difficult. Therefore, it is difficult for everyone to satisfy themselves.Art is an innovative creative force. The art is generated by someone’s faith, ideas and sensitivity. Art brings excitement. The artist creates the art of nature. It contains culture and history. The arts must always be adapted to the society. Otherwise the arts will be rejected. Art is an Creative expression. Many factors affect art.Daily behavior was the reason for the art of primeval age.



                                   A temple built by the Invisible King of Anuradhapura era. There are eighteen kings in Buddha statue in a cave. There are inscriptions on it.

තවද ගල් විහාර කරණයෙහි ශ්‍රේෂ්ටත්වයට පත් වළගම්බා නිරිඳු දමිළයන් රෝහණ දේශයේ වන වැද සිටිනාකර මෙම ගැටබරු විහාරය කල බවය

There are not many written facts about this. Most of the invasions occurred in the north and south during the reign of Valagambai. Therefore, the king had to leave the state. Then the monk Giri defamed the king. He said that the Great Black Sinhalese is going away. He had been hiding in many areas of Ruhuna for many years. The king organized the army there. He has also lived near the Gatabaruwa Viharaya. He lives in areas such as Pallegama, Thunbevila and Urubokka. After many years of conquest, he left for Anuradhapura and went on to defeat his enemies and regain his reign.The king destroyed the Giri’s monastery. Later he built the Abhayagiri Viharaya. The Abhayagiriya Viharaya that destroyed the Girige Aramaya. The name of the Abhayagiriya was formed. The people helped this temple, and the king built this temple.




Primary Education In Sri lanka


In almost every country in the world, children have the first home-based education. Nothing knows when a man comes into the world. The child’s first education takes place with Mom. Mother is the first word to learn mother. Then the child becomes curious to read words slowly. In Sri Lanka this is a declaration of burden. Then, when the child is growing up, she understands all the things she does.Then the parents begin to give the children the basics. But in Sri Lanka, the monk reads the letter to the child. Everyone in the past always learned the letters on the Welipel. The memory of the people of that time is very advanced Because we can not collect those written in Welpella. It’s made from sand. Sometimes it was written in the yard of the temple. He taught the child the first thing he taught was the Buddhist monk. Then, the child read memorized books. There are many human evolution in Sri Lanka. In the hunting age, people wrote letters in the form of images of animals they saw. Have you seen the Pahiyangala Cave, Batadomba Cave ? They are cave paintings of the primary era. After that,  switched to the advanced stage. The text was there. India also played a role in the cultural reverence in Sri Lanka.

“අගත අනගත චතුදිශ ශගෂ දිනේ.” Such a word inscription

Mihindu Thera came to Sri Lanka and established Buddhism in Sri Lanka.Thereafter, Sangamitta the Monk came to Sri Lanka. That is why art reflexes. After that, writing in Sri Lanka gradually progressed. The earliest characters are known as brahimic characters. They were written as the basic design of Sanskrit scriptures. Before the fourth century BCE, the letters of the era could be written as these. The kings used to record everything they did to stone them. Other articles are called inscriptions. The slow process slowly developed. Later, Sanskrit became the Sinhala language in place of Pali language. Currently, Sinhala is used in Sri Lanka. Sinhalese forms various forms of learning and teaching in traditional villages in Sri Lanka. Veddas are used in villages such as Mahiyangana and Dambana. Each province is different because their primary education is unique to the region.Pali, Buddhism, subjects taught in the past are also taught in advanced technical subjects at present. As in the past, a tertiary education like today is not present. With the advent of the progress of the nation.

Meaning Of different Culture

All Peoples are working for living. Eating, wearing, sleeping , bathing, Again do that day by day. What is the meaning this work. all peoples are working for eating. some peoples have money but some peoples have not money. But they all living in this world. we are birth & die. all are the peoples […]

All Peoples are working for living. Eating, wearing, sleeping , bathing, Again do that day by day. What is the meaning this work. all peoples are working for eating. some peoples have money but some peoples have not money. But they all living in this world. we are birth & die. all are the peoples but but all are not in the same level. Some peoples are very poor, Some peoples are Wealthy. they are spending  one is different. Some peoples ideas are different than others. from country to country have several cultures. their peoples have several cultures. get the example Sri Lankan culture changing than Europe. dresses, foods, education types, marriage, language,  It’s very different. but all are one Category peoples.


All people saying & trust ” my country culture is best than others. Its true. But Intelligent peoples are never think about one point. they are study different  cultures. they are travel Around the world and find new culture Communities. Therefore, the tourism industry has emerged. The birth of cultures in the society. The culture of Sri Lanka is one such culture. village Temple Lake Dagoba is Sinhala Culture in Sri Lanka. And there are many cultures in Sri Lanka. Tamil culture, Muslim culture and Hindu culture are some of them.The Sinhalese culture is the main culture in Sri Lanka.  Therefore the main language of the country is Sinhalese. The main religion is Buddhism.The country’s main income is still agriculture.Culture is more about agriculture.

Climate  For Mental Energy


Do you know different  mental disorder abolition  in Your area climate.

For a example. You are in very angry .At that time you must change  your place. that is to say you are in a room . You don’t remain that place. Pleas go to the garden and  hear well.  So you can hear language  of environment.  Different  birds chirrup, sound of the air will definitely forget your angry.  Our internal mind always like spending  with environment. Its make your body soundness. It is a magical  subject. Environment language always can  make Everyone  mind continence. You can test. Change your place one month formerly . Go outside  in your  place. So you will be contrast.